Welcome to ZSE (Zhengzhou Zhongsheng Education & Information Consulting Co. Ltd.) in Zhengzhou!

Whether you are looking for TEFL jobs or ESL jobs in China, our company offers fantastic teaching opportunities and all the supports you would expect, we are the largest education consulting company in Henan Province.

Our teachers are coming from all over the world, and they are enjoying their work and life in China. We welcome applicants who are qualified with TEFL and ESL all year round.We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We are offering the candidates, who would like to work in China as an English teacher in schools for one or two years. If you major in college in English, English teacher, English ulture research which is connected to English language, and you would like to work in China, you are the person we are looking for. If you major in college is not related to English, but you are speaking, listening, reading and writing in English very good, and you would like to work in China. You are also the person we are looking for.

We can offer:
1. monthly paid salary;
2. return flight tickets based on one year contract; if you would like to sign for an intern, you will get the certain percentage of the flight tickets’ compensation;
3. medical insurance one year (intern, depends on how many month);
4. invitation letter for you to apply for a visa and we will assisting you to apply visa extend in China;
5. airport transfer;
6. provide accommodation;
7. vacation.

Please try to provide us your:
1. CV, including: name, sex, birth date, address, telephone, education, nationality, title, graduation school,
working experience, email, daily life photos, personal ID photos (.jpg, less than 200K)
2. Passport
3. Highest degree
5. Education authentication
6. Recommendation letter from recent working place
7. Autograph on contact from Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs
8. Health check form
9. Non-criminal certificate

The process will be:
1. Interview
2. Signing contract
3. Applying working visa
4. Start to work

If you're looking for TEFL jobs or ESL jobs in China, don't hesitate, just visiting our website www.zsecn.com
Or contact us for further information.

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